Ben Rudd Property, Bruce Campbell Rhododendren Dell

Ben Rudd's Management  Trust - Maps and Information

Ben Rudd Brochure

Brochure (directions and map) for OTMC Ben Rudd's Property
(based on Topo50 Map, with approximate boundaries of the Ben Rudd's Property)


Version 2 of the Ben Rudd's brochure (designed to be folded)
(Includes brief history of Flagstaff, Ben Rudd and the association with the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club - designed to be printed on A3 paper)

Unfolded version


Ben Rudd's Property - Covenant Management Statement

Location Photo

Location photo outlining approximate Ben Rudd's boundaries
(view as JPG or PDF)

Photo Gallery - Circumnavigation of Ben Rudd's Property, October, 2015

Ben Rudd's Property Map (Antony Hamel, Silver Peaks Press, 1998)

Photo Gallery - Spiers Road to Flagstaff, October, 2015

Spiers Road Route to Flagstaff and Ben Rudd's (Front - Map)

Spiers Road Route to Flagstaff and Ben Rudd's (Back - Directions) This is the original route to Flagstaff and Ben Rudd's Property - predates the current Firebreak and Pineapple Tracks

Friends of Ben Rudd's Newsletter - Certificate

Ben Rudd's Property - 1961 Survey Map (Ron Keen)

Ben Rudd's Property - A History (from 2017)

Ben Rudd's Management Trust - An Overview 1998-2018

OTMC Bulletin Supplement (Oct 1997) - Future Direction for Ben Rudd's Property I Map from same publication


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