Centenary Celebrations - Labour Weekend 2023

Centenary Weekend Programme


View and / or download guides for each of the six Centenary Events below:

  1. Toitu Informal Evening
  2. Day trip to Pineapple Point
  3. Main Centenary Dinner
  4. Visit to Ben Rudd's (Flagstaff)
  5. Clubrooms Visit
  6. Green Hut Site & Pulpit Rock trip

The main events planned or associated with the Centenary Weekend are:

  • Club Meeting - Thursday, October 19 (from 7.30pm), at the clubrooms.  Results of the Centenary Photo Competition.
  • Friday evening (October 20): Informal Social Evening - Toitu
  • Saturday (October 21): Midday walk to Pineapple Point - an opportunity for out of town members / past members to visit Pineapple Point, which is being developed as a lookout as a tribute to early Dunedin trampers and the formation of the Otago Tramping Club.
  • Saturday Evening (October 21): OTC / OTMC Centenary Dinner (from 5.00pm) (limited to 200 people)
  • Sunday (October 22): Flagstaff and Ben Rudd's Picnic / lunchtime (hosted by the Ben Rudd's Management Trust)
  • Sunday (October 22): Our clubrooms will be open from late afternoon for members and past members to meet - we purchased our clubrooms in 1990 following many years of sound finacial management by past committee's, and they have become our permanant home. There is also the oppurtunity to show photos from past trips (via USB is preferred)
  • Monday (Labour Day, October 23): Silver Peaks Tramp - Hightop to Green Hut Site or Pulpit Rock . Labour Weekend 2023 is exactly 100 Years since the very first Otago Tramping Club trip to the Silver Peaks - it is reported that on Labour Day 1923 in excess of 60 members converged on Silver Peak (possibly mistaken for Pulpit Rock) - let's try and match (or exceed) this in 2023. This is the final trip for 100 Trips for 100 Years, and the last event for the Centenary Weekend.

Other Centenary Files

Our planning for the Centenary Weekend is well advanced, and have closed registrations as of October 8, 2023.