Trampers on the Pineapple Track, Flagstaff

OTMC Day Trips

Day Trips

The OTMC run a day trip most Sundays throughout the year. Trip departure meeting and place is not set anymore, refer to the trip programme for details, or contact the trip leader or Day Trip Convener.

All trips have a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) on them - we collect a list of names and contact phone numbers for people to be notified in case of an overdue trip. This list is copied to our PLB contacts as well as the appointed Search and Rescue contact for the trip (organised by the leader).

The fitness/ability grade varies from trip to trip. Please check below for details. Please read these OTMC notes on Day Trips:
  • Non-members are welcome on Day Trips but must contact the trip leader or Day Trip Convener beforehand.
  • Day trips depart from the meeting point at the time listed on the trip programme.
  • A list of names, addresses, cars, intended route and the name of a SAR contact will be emailed to the SAR contact person and OTMC PLB list..
  • The trip leader has the authority to refuse to take persons without adequate equipment.
  • Transport is by car pool. Costs will be charged to cover driver's expenses, and these are as shown on the Trip Programme. Trip cost is payable to the driver upon leaving the departure point (do not leave until the end of the trip).
  • Non members are limited to 12 tramping days with the club over one year.
OTMC Environmental Care Code (link)

Downloadable Files for OTMC Day Trips
  • OTMC Day Trip Notes (for all Participants)
  • OTMC Day Trip Leadership (for OTMC Leaders)
  • OTMC Day Trip Blank Search and Rescue Form and Abridged Leadership Note
  • OTMC Trip Grades

    Trip grades are guidelines. If in doubt, try an easier trip first.

    Note: OTMC trips are graded by the time the trip is expected to take, not the distance.

    • EASY (E): Generally suitable for beginners, but proper clothing and equipment are ESSENTIAL (see lists below). About 3-5 hours tramping per day.
    • MODERATE (M): A reasonable standard of fitness and experience needed. About 5-7 hours of tramping per day
    • FIT (F) These trips are expected to be longer and may be more difficult. About 7-9 hours tramping per day.
    • FITNESS ESSENTIAL (FE): A high level of fitness, experience and self-reliance is essential. Most available time will be spent tramping, 10-24 hours per day
    • CLIMBING (C): Climbing equipment, experience and fitness essential.

    Other grades are used, for example E/M (4-6 hours tramping time) and M/F (around 6-8 hours tramping time)

    Attendance on FE and C trips is by prior arrangement with the Trip Leader only.

    • INSTRUCTIONAL (I): Priority given to club members. Trip cost calculated to cover instructor’s expenses. Only open to non members if sufficient space available.

    Minimum gear requirements for day trips

    • Sturdy boots
    • Waterproof parka
    • Shorts or walking trousers (no jeans)
    • Fleece
    • Lunch
    • Snacks
    • Torch
    • Waterbottle (fill at home)
    • Beanie or similar warm hat
    • Mitts / gloves
    • Sun protection
    • Over-trousers (can depend on season - optional)
    • Long johns (good to have as emergency clothing)
    • Gaiters or similar (desirable rather than essential).
    • Personal first aid kit